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Energy Enhancers and Energy Drainers

Your energy is one of your most valuable resources, so be selective about how and where you focus it. Don't waste a drop.

Even though high-energy human potential is your natural state, you only have so much in a day. Stress and other distractions can easily deplete this gift if you allow them to drain you.

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Who's Got Your Back?

Contributed by Dr. Dennis Buckley

In challenging or prosperous times, who can you count on? Who's got your back?

We all need help. Alone we are nothing. We need support physically, emotionally and spiritually. Most of what we have accomplished in our lives was because people had our back. We are responsible for ourselves but we could not do it alone.

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Healing Plan for Accident Victims

Immediate Relief and Stability
Automobile accidents and work injuries can alter your life. Fortunately, and depending on the extent of your injuries, Chiropractic Crisis Care can give you the relief you need and stabilize your spine and your nerve system. Every accident victim, symptoms or not, should have their spine and nerve system examined.

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Super Athletes & Chiropractic

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Players from both teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots received chiropractic care to help them heal quickly and optimize the function of their spine and nervous system. This care helps athletes perform at their highest level throughout the season as well as in the biggest game of their lives.

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Need vs. Want

Contributed by Dr. Josh Handt, Affiliate in New City, NY

Are you the kind of person who only takes care of yourself when you are in desperate need and in the middle of a crisis? Do you know anyone else like this? Or do you take care of yourself because you want to live a healthier, more active lifestyle? Shifting your motivation from crisis to lifestyle is life changing and easier than you think.

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Body or Health Conscious

Contributed by Dr. Jordan Plasker, 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate in Montvale, NJ

Are you Body Conscious or Health Conscious?
Unfortunately, too many people are concerned about how they look and not necessarily about their health. Perhaps you do not know the difference between being body conscious or health conscious.

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Sitting Solutions

The Bottom Line On Sitting

Millions of people working from their homes and offices are spending way too much time in their chairs. This is a habit that can lead to more than just a numb bum!

Too much sitting sets you up for a host of physical problems including poor circulation, chronic back and nerve pain, depression, osteoporosis, swollen spinal disks, fatigue and many other health problems.

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What's Your Number?

Some people are excited about living to be 100. Some are scared of the thought. Either way, it is important to realize that you may not have a choice. 100 year old people are the world's fastest growing group.

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Under New Management

Contributed by Dr. Dennis Buckley -The 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Chiropractor In Pasadena, CA

Have you ever seen a sign on a business, "Under New Management?" What comes to mind?

Usually it is thoughts of hope, new infusion of energy and resources or the old management wasn't working, better business, excitement, new people, new systems, new products and new ideas….something new and better in a nutshell.

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Feeling or Function

"How Are You?" is a common question we use to engage with another person when we meet on the street, at work, in school or at family gatherings.

Most of us reply with the answer, "Fine!" or some version of that to keep the conversation short and social because most people are asking out of politeness and don't really want to get in a deep discussion.

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Immune System Science Simplified

A recent report by the American Physiological Society has confirmed and clarified the importance of the nervous system in regulating the immune system. While we see the evidence of this everyday with our patients, it is nice to know that science is catching up with the ability to explain why and how this connection works.

The report entitled Neural Control of the Immune System states "Neural reflexes support homeostasis by modulating the function of organ systems.

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Lifestyle Renovation

Contributed by Dr. Josh Handt, A 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Chiropractor in New City, NY

The Merriam –Webster Dictionary definition of Renovation is 1 - To restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding), 2 – to restore to life, vigor, or activity.

Have you ever thought about renovating your lifestyle? Naturally, most of us think of a house when we hear the word ‘renovate'.

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Fall Sports, Head and Neck Injuries

Contributed By Aryn Gabai, D.C., C.A.C.C.P.
A 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Chiropractor,Pennington, NJ

- The Hidden Effects
- Check Your Neck
- Symptoms and Side Effects
- The Lifestyle Care Continuum

The Hidden Effects
The issues surrounding head injuries, including concussions, have never been a part of mainstream conversation more than they are right now.

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Ebola, Flu & Medical Errors

With regards to your own personal health, Ebola is more of a distraction than a threat.

Ebola has dominated the news cycle for several weeks. Its tragic impact on the nations of West Africa is certainly significant. The World Health Organization recently reported that there have been 4,922 Ebola-related deaths in the region since the latest outbreak of the disease. Outside of West Africa, the story is much different.

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Chronic Health Problems

Chronic health problems can affect your quality of life for decades. Whether they are musculoskeletal in nature affecting your back, neck, and limbs or they affect your organs (heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys or sex organs), your daily activities may become limited and your longevity can be compromised. The longer you wait the more suffering these chronic conditions deliver. Research shows that within two weeks of an injury, scar tissue can appear.

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Suicide In The Medicine Chest

From 1999 to 2010, the suicide rate among Americans ages 35 to 64 rose by nearly 30percent. Coincidentally between the years 2007 and 2010, 48.5percent of Americans were reported as using at least one prescription drug in a 30 day time period. In Canada, the suicide rate caused the country to be ranked 34th-highest overall among 107 nations.

These numbers are way too high and cause serious concern.

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Know Your Neck

How well do you know your neck? This magnificent and delicate structure that holds up your head, moves in many directions and protects your body's lifeline is often taken for granted…until it is injured.

It may seem simple when looking from the outside, but inside it is a complex structure that is vital for health.

Let's start with your nervous system:
Your brain extends down through your skull and becomes your spinal cord in upper part of your neck.

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Your Brain-Body Connection

You were born to be healthy. From the moment of conception, your body was given the blueprints and the innate intelligence to live an active, healthy life for 80, 90, 100 years and beyond.

Keeping your spine and nervous system healthy and functioning properly, without interference, is essential to optimizing your genetic capabilities.

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The Interference Principle

Much of our health care system has been based on the Germ Theory, which simply speaking says that germs cause disease and if we kill the bad germs we will get healthy. We now know that this theory is flawed. Our attempt to wipe out "bugs" has created an assault on our immune systems, leads to a minimum of 10,000 deaths per year, according to The Telegraph and has created a generation of dangerous "Superbugs" that threaten the well-being of society.

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Children and Chiropractic Check Ups

Recent research has shown that chiropractic care is extremely safe for babies and children. As a result, more children and families are having their spine and nervous system examined by chiropractors.

The Journal of Science and Healing reported on a study of 577 children under the age of 18 receiving chiropractic care.

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Summertime, Recommitment Time

We all know the power of commitment. Think about the last time you committed yourself to something that was significant to you. Was it your family, your health, your job, or learning a new skill? Commitment is energizing because you block out the world, focus your energy, and create meaningful results for yourself and your loved ones.

Too many people make a commitment, get the results they want, and then become complacent or back off of their commitment.

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The World Cup, Soccer and Chiropractic

The FIFA 2014 World Cup is upon us and the greatest and most watched sporting event in the world is here. Soccer fans everywhere will be gathering to watch some of the most talented and gifted athletes in the world play "the beautiful game" on the most exciting stage in sports.

For many of these athletes, Chiropractic has played an important role in their training to achieve peak performance levels and as a part of their lifestyle.

According to Dr.

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Vital Vacation Tips

Summer Time is vacation time for many of us. The kids are out of school and family trips are planned. In the world of The 100 Year Lifestyle, we call vacations Play Time.

Play Time has many benefits and may help prevent forced time off that is caused by a health crisis. When someone makes the transition from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care with their chiropractic adjustments, they often experience higher levels of health.

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Flying Above Media Propaganda

The battle for health care dollars has gone out of control and so has the rise of medical costs. The 2012 Deloitte Study found that the U.S. Health Care budget for 2013 was over $3 trillion. The entire Medicare budget was $586 billion. The Canadian Health Care budget is approximately $30 billion. Staggering numbers!

The first thing you see when you fly above the propaganda and gain a 30,000 foot perspective is that these dollars are not spent on health.

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Discipline & A Healthy Life

Contributed by Dr. Dennis Buckley
The 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Chiropractor in Pasadena, CA

"Discipline is getting yourself to do something you don't necessarily want to do to achieve a result you really want to get." - Andy Andrews

Most people want to be healthy, want to feel good, want to function well and live a long life. This does not happen by accident.

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Lifetime Effects of Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma May Occur Frequently
Traumatic Birth Syndromes are more common than you might think. A German medical researcher discovered that over 80percent of the infants that he examined shortly after birth were suffering from injuries to the cervical spine, the neck, causing all types of health problems.

Believe it or not, there are 44 countries with a better infant mortality rate than the United States according to the 2012 CIA Factbook.


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The Super Bowl and Chiropractic

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Players from both teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, will be receiving chiropractic care to help them heal quickly and optimize the health of their spine and nervous system. This care will help the athletes perform at their highest level in the biggest game of their lives.

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Motivation for Lasting Change

"Happy New Year!" How many times have you said these words to family, friends and coworkers over the past few weeks? How many times have you said it over the past decade or two? How many times has it been said to you? Every one of us wants to have a happy, healthy New Year.

To ensure that this is your best year ever, there may be some things that you need to change and you probably already know what they are.

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The Bigness Within You

There is a "Bigness" within you and it's not about your size. It's the amazing Innate Intelligence that runs your body which cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. In fact, if you tried, it would drain all the money in the world with no guarantee of success.

Yale University Biophysicist, Dr. Harold J. Morowitz, has confirmed scientifically that a pound of human flesh is worth about $111,475 and a whole body around $6 million.

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Learning From Symptoms

There's a lot we can learn from symptoms. If you have been suffering from symptoms for any length of time, I'm sure you are tired of the learning process. However, the more you learn about them, the better you are able to make choices that get your body functioning at a higher level of health.

Lesson 1: Symptoms don't always mean your body is broken.

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Flu Shot Fallacies

-Fallacy: Flu Medicines Are Safe With No Side Effects
-Fallacy: Flu Vaccinations Are Safe With No Side Effects
-Fallacy: Flu Shots Work
-Fallacy: Vaccines Build Your Immune System
-Natural Immunity

Flu Shot marketing is in full swing. Before you blindly allow yourself or a loved one to be injected, it is important to do your homework. You will learn why 60% of MDs avoid the vaccine and why it can be more dangerous than the flu itself.

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NFL Superstars Receive Chiropractic Care

Football is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Many of the players who will be participating in the game this year receive chiropractic care, including future Hall of Famer Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. In fact, players from all four of the most recent championship teams utilize chiropractic care and the San Francisco 49ers' chiropractor was mentioned during the telecast as he took care of the players on the sideline during the game.

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The Power of Recommitment

-Commit to What Matters to You
-Recommit Daily
-Enjoy a Healthier, Longer Life

Commit to What Matters to You
We all know the power of commitment. Think about the last time you committed yourself to something that was significant to you. Was it your family, your health, your job, or learning a new skill? Commitment is energizing because you block out the world, focus your energy, and create meaningful results.

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Why Posture Matters

-Success in the Business World
-Depression and Energy
-Aging and Independence

Did you know that your posture today can determine your future success in business, your day-to-day energy levels and how fast you age? Over the course of life, many of us can recall receiving posture

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Health Care Leadership Adjustment

Health Care Leadership Adjustment
Contributed by Dr. Eric Plasker

- We Are In Desperate Need of Health Care Leadership
- The Current Health Care System Needs An Adjustment
- A Philosophy Will Optimize Your Health

We Are In Desperate Need of Health Care Leadership
Our world is in desperate need of health care leadership. Costs are rising into the multiples of trillions while the quality of the care is questionable at best.

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Innate Life Expectancy

Innate Life Expectancy

- You Have the Blueprints to Live to 100
- You Have Been Given Advance Notice

You Have the Blueprints to Live to 100
From the moment you were conceived, you were blessed with the blueprints, the intelligence, and the Innate Life Expectancy to live an active healthy life to 80, 90, 100 years and beyond; maybe even way beyond.

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