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Chiropractic Care For Your Horse

Chiropractic Care For Your Horse-Horses are prone to spinal misalignment
-How can you tell if your horse is subluxated?
-Horses respond well to chiropractic care

When it comes to health, horses and people share a common truth. So do dogs, cats and all other animals. They function better with a healthy spine and nervous system. In this article we will focus mostly on horses.

Horses are prone to spinal misalignment because their conditioning rigors and training strain the biomechanics of their spine and extremities. Chiropractic care of your equine athlete, as for all athletes, enhances clear communication between the brain, spinal cord and nervous system and aids in peak performance. Doug O'Neill, a famous thoroughbred trainer, has all of his racehorses adjusted including Lava Man and I'll Have Another. Both are recent Preakness Winners.

Believe it or not, chiropractic care works the same way in people and in horses by removing spinal subluxations in the spine. How can you tell if your horse is subluxated? Here are some common indicators of abnormal spinal alignment that any horse owner can detect:

Decreased performance and energy
Loss of wind capacity
Problems executing movements
Behavioral changes
Head carriage or fighting the bit
Short strides
Abnormal posture when standing
Gait problems
Increased incidence of injuries
Back pain or flinching when grooming, tacking up, or mounting.
History of ulcers
Muscle imbalance, spasm, or atrophy
Chronic, repetitive infections or injuries
Rearing or bucking or lack of focus
Leg and foot problems

Equine Chiropractic Care can assist with a wide range of diseases and disorders that include lameness, soft tissue injuries, behavioral problems and immune disorders. Behavioral issues can be due to pain or imbalances within the horse that can be helped with chiropractic adjustments. Disease and metabolic disorders also respond well, as the optimal functioning of the nervous system is vital to improving immune response in the horse.

Horses respond remarkably well to Chiropractic Lifestyle Care, and they tend to hold their adjustments extremely well. They show up present and focused for their care, often lining up in the pasture to get adjusted. It is not unusual for the dominate mare to circle back around and come to the head of the line to get another adjustment. Why? Because their Innate wisdom knows it is good for them.

You and your horse both deserve a long, healthy and vibrant life. You will enjoy watching your horse experience the benefits of Chiropractic Care. Your other animals will like it as well and of course, remember to bring the human members of your family too!

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Contributed by Dr. Jamie Lucia, DC
A 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate Chiropractor in Los Altos, CA

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